What makes Patio Drummond products the benchmark on the market?

Manufacturer of concrete products for more than 50 years, Patio Drummond invests, every year, important budgets and thousands of hours in research and development in order to always offer you innovative, durable and affordable products. As a result, Patio Drummond is constantly experimenting with richer pigments and more stable materials to design sophisticated products that will always meet your needs. 

We are constantly seeking to improve our manufacturing methods and anticipate new trends in terms of shapes, colours and finishes. We go the extra mile so that we are never overtaken!

Do you offer other products that patio slabs and pavers?

Yes, in addition to landscaping products, Patio Drummond offers several complete lines of concrete products: outdoor furniture, precast concrete products, agricultural products and much more!

I can't find the Moderno or Ubrania stainless steel spark arrestor at my retailer, what can I do?

Because stainless steel spark arrestors are more expensive than painted black steel spark arrestors, they are often part of special orders from retailers. We invite you to contact us at [email protected] It will be our pleasure to help you in your research.

There are white streaks that appear on the products, what should I do?

This phenomenon is completely natural and is called “efflorescence”. 

Efflorescence is a whitish deposit that appears from time to time on the surface of concrete products. Sometimes the salts in the cement and the aggregates embedded in the product are extracted by the absorbed water and transported to the surface where the water evaporates and the salts are deposited. The development of these deposits is normal and common with concrete products and other masonry products composed of cement. 

Usually, the efflorescence stops developing after 3 to 24 months following the manufacture of the product. Please note that the salt will disappear over time. Concrete follows a natural process that is not harmful to Patio Drummond products. This process does not constitute a manufacturing defect. 

It is possible to clean traces of efflorescence. However, Patio Drummond recommends waiting one year after the installation of the product before proceeding with the cleaning. The efflorescence can be cleaned with an efflorescence cleaner sold in hardware stores. Please be sure to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer. 

*** Following these explanations, Patio Drummond declines all responsibility for this natural phenomenon inherent to concrete products. ***


How do you install your products?

 We have several installation guides for a variety of our landscaping products: 

  • Outdoor fireplaces 
  • General Installation Guide

How do I install my new outdoor fireplace?

We invite you to consult our informative videos that show you step by step how to assemble your outdoor fireplace. Whether it’s for the Round BBQ Block, Moderno or Urbania fireplace, we have made sure to have a reliable and easy to install product. You will only need one afternoon and you will be able to enjoy your outdoor fireplace the same day!

What thickness of pavers should i use for a driveway?

We recommend using a paver of at least 60 mm (2 3/8”). The thicker your paver is, the more you will avoid potentially overloading it. An overload could, in the short or long term, damage the product.

Polymer sand

What is polymer sand?

Polymer sand is the ultimate jointing material in the landscaping industry. Made up of fine grains, to which is added a mixture of additives that activate on contact with water, polymer sand acts as an ultra-powerful bonding agent that holds several concrete pavers firmly and evenly together. 

Polymer sand is used to fill the joint, the empty space between each paver in a landscaping project

What is the purpose of polymer sand? Why use it?

Polymer sand is used to achieve optimal joint stabilization, prevent weed growth, and prevent ant infestations. 

More durable and resistant than a conventional joint, the polymer joint considerably increases the life expectancy of paving installations. In addition, the polymer joint does not crumble or disintegrate: grains of sand remain in the joint rather than in the house or at the bottom of the pool.

What colour is the polymer sand?

Formerly considered a purely structural element, special attention is now paid to the colour of the joints of a paving surface. Today, sands are available in more than twenty colours.

Is polymer sand complicated to install?

In addition to offering unequalled joint performance, the application of polymer sand is easy and very fast. Simply follow the instructions on the sandbags, which will allow you to obtain the best results.


Are Patio Drummond products guaranteed?

Patio Drummond offers a replacement warranty for all manufacturing defects on our products, valid for one (1) year following the date of purchase. Installation costs are at the expense of the consumer. 

For landscaping products purchased at a hardware store, please contact the retailer from whom you purchased your products directly.

Purchase and price

Where can i buy Patio Drummond products?

We invite you to consult the “Where to buy” section of our website. Please note that Patio Drummond distributes its products in most hardware stores in Quebec.

How do i get pricing on your products?

By visiting the retailer offering Patio Drummond products closest to you. They will be able to assist you throughout your landscaping project, starting with an estimate! 

We invite you to consult our landscaping product pages, where you will find a price index for most of our products in order to better advise you in your search!


Who is patio Drummond?

A family in business for 4 generations, Patio Drummond is a leader in the manufacturing of concrete products in Quebec. Thanks to all our partners, the quality and diversity of our products, we stand out from the competition.