Organika board

Organika outdoor classroom furniture is designed to create educational areas that will motivate students and all teaching staff.

Teaching, education and learning are constantly changing. We believe that the best learning environment is one that is as vibrant and dynamic as the people in it.

Tableau Organika mobilier urbain


The structure and frame of the board are made of aluminum and the vandal resistant base is made of 50 MPa concrete. The whole thing locks with a safety lock to ensure the durability of your outdoor classroom board in your schoolyard.

  • Anti-vandalism
  • Closes with a lock

We offer delivery and installation service.

Technical specifications

Thickness (Height) × Width × Length × Depth

ORG-TABLOOrganika board outdoor classno84 x 48 x 50 3/85000

The Organika table for outdoor classroom has proven itself.

Designed to withstand our Canadian winters, the outdoor board is reversible and includes two different boards: a whiteboard made of porcelain (50-year warranty) and a blackboard made of slate to be just as effective in colder weather. Create your outdoor classroom by adding the Organika board and Ergo 360 benches to your layout!

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