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Barns – Calves

Bunker silo walls

Cattle – Barns slats

Feeder – Slats

Hog Barn – Gestation / Maternity

Hog Feeder Slabs

Pig Barn – Single slats

Pig pen walls

Scraper Alley Tube



The reference of excellence

For over 45 years, we have been improving our manufacturing processes to always offer you the best products and services in the industry. We care about the quality of our products even before we start manufacturing them by carrying out strict controls in the choice of raw materials used in our concrete mixes. From manufacturing to delivery, choose Patio Drummond to ensure impeccable customer experience and durable, safe and effective products. High-quality concrete mixes, factory-welded Canadian reinforcement, high-technology equipment unique to North America and Patio Drummond’s ability to modify standard products to suit your needs make us the experts, best-placed to accompany you in your agricultural projects.