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Designed to attach to select Patio Drummond urban furniture items, the Bica bike rack can accommodate up to 2 bicycles.

450.00$ Transport costs in addition


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The Bike Rack That Completes Your Landscape

This ground-mounted bike rack in black painted steel allows you to lock a wheel and frame without damaging your bike. Whether it's a rack, stand, or parking spot, the Bica is designed to accommodate your bicycles when you want to take a break. The Bica bike rack enhances your landscaping while providing a practical and user-friendly space for your users. It will seamlessly integrate into your environment, respecting it and promoting green modes of transportation.

Facilitates storage

By adding the Bica bike rack to your outdoor layout, you ensure that users of your spaces can easily and quickly store their bikes.


The black painted steel bike rack can be installed on the Flora and Flora XL flower pots, Octogona bench, and Octa trash can to complete your landscaping.


The Bica bike rack supports the bike frame from the top and helps manage the tangle of wheels and pedals. Your bikes will be comfortable and secure!


By adding the Bica support to your flower pots, benches, or trash cans, you ensure that you offer a user-friendly and ergonomic space for your users and visitors.

Good to know

Black Painted Steel (Powder Coat)

Powder coating is the application of powder paint that adheres to metal thanks to electrostatic energy. The powder paint is sprayed onto metal objects using special guns. After being applied to the metal piece, the powder paint is baked in a suitable oven, forming a uniform protective layer.

No more secrets, here's all our specifications:


Height 17 5/8
Width 16
Lenght 16
Weight 50 lb

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