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Conceived and designed for outdoor classrooms, the Ergo bench can be used both as a regular bench and as a table for eating, writing and doing homework.

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A 360-degree bench

The Ergo Bench is made from IPE wood planks for extra durability. Although IPE wood requires light maintenance, it's THE strongest wood on the market! The unique design of the concrete sides with a lowered center of gravity makes it safe and anti-tilt.

No ground anchoring required

The weight is heavy enough to prevent theft and vandalism, but the bench is easy to handle with small machinery. You therefore avoid pouring a concrete slab and anchoring the bench to the ground.

A multi-purpose concrete bench

The Ergo bench offers multiple uses: a bench and a table when you sit upside down (with your legs in the opening between the seat and the backrest)! Now that’s what we call a table that’s as practical as it is distinguished!

Coming soon: recycled glass powder

By 2025, the Ergo bench will be made of concrete that incorporates recycled glass powder into its mix, making it an integral part of the concept of modern urban planning in sustainable development.


Thanks to their aesthetic appeal, our concrete benches find their place in a variety of locations, from parks to businesses, municipalities and even schoolyards. They’re ready to bring a variety of spaces to life.

Good to know

Accessible outdoor furniture

Urban parks, cities and businesses are living environments. It’s essential that everyone, regardless of ability, has access to them. Our Ergo concrete bench is sturdy, stable and durable. It doesn’t need to be anchored to the ground (but it could be), and it’s virtually impossible to tip over, making it extremely safe.

No more secrets, here's all our specifications:


Height 29
Width 26,5
Length 80
Weight 837 lb

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