The Maxi surface base - a 2021 favorite at Patio Drummond

Its quick installation, its sturdiness, its solidity and its affordable cost have made the Maxi surface base a favorite among do-it-yourselfers. New for 2021, the Maxi concrete base is ergonomic and designed for durability. Its wider base provides great stability, making it perfect for floors that tend to move. With a central hole for an adjustable head, the Maxi surface base will be your ally in your landscaping projects, whether they are large or small!




Price Index

A thoughtful choice, the Maxi concrete surface base will allow you to make big changes without having to compromise! Follow your landscaping dreams to the end with the Maxi base.




Easy Installation

Intermediate level of installation, you will need minimal preparation for your projects made with the Maxi surface base.


The surface base,

THE versatile concrete product:

  • Small patio
  • Gallery
  • Balcony
  • Stairs
  • Shed
  • Temporary structure

9” Adjustable bracket

7’’ of possible
adjustments to level
the freeze/thaw effect

Wide footing

for maximum

  • Wetcast


Technical specifications

Thickness (Height) × Width × Length × Depth

MAXIConcrete base216 x 406 x 40681/2 x 16 x 1665 lb181/2’’
CodeDescriptionBracketRodWeightLoad capacity
MAXI-TETEAdjustable bracketL - 3” x 3” x 5”3/4” diam. x 9”4 lb2800 lb max

Pro Tips

Maxi for maximum stability!

A hybrid between the screwed pile and the deck block, the Maxi surface base is suitable for almost any project since it can support up to 2800 lbs. Whether you’re building a shed, a car shelter or a porch, the Maxi concrete base is the product for you. For any project requiring a permanent support that could move with freeze and thaw, the adjustable head (Maxi-Tete) allows for constant stability.



Decorative tips

For a safe and durable landscape

Why use the Maxi surface base instead of a screwed pile or deck block? To make sure it doesn’t move. Excavating and insulating near the base prevents frost from moving around the Maxi, providing unparalleled stabilization to your landscape. We recommend that you leave about 2″ of bracket in the base for maximum stability. Use it once and you’ll never want to change! Tested and proven, Patio Drummond’s Maxi surface bases are the reference in the field.

Ensure the stability of your landscape

Drop by your favorite hardware stores, their teams are always available to help you and answer your questions. If you have an idea in mind, they can definitely help you make your dreams come true.