The Versa concrete slab, for a clean, simple and modern look.

New for 2020-2021, the Versa slab can be used to build a very contemporary backyard. A perfect match with the Moderno and Urbania garden walls, the Versa concrete slab will add elegance and refinement to your landscaping project.

Multiple uses, unique creations:

  • Patio

  • Terrace

  • Pool surround

  • Spa surround

  • Pathways

  • Chinese steps

  • Wall capping

  • Outdoor walks

Versa: synonymous with versatility

Use the Versa slab for your patio, pool and spa surrounds. The Versa concrete slab can also be used to create outdoor steps or as a wall capping. Add style and definition by framing your driveway with Versa concrete slabs. Designed for pedestrian traffic only, Versa’s versatility will amaze you. Use it for almost anything!

Installation :

The Versa slab is very easy to install so you will not need any special tools to create your layout. Whatever your project, the Versa will enhance any space.

Value :

A smart choice, the Versa concrete slab will make the whole neighbourhood jealous of your choice. For simple or large-scale projects, the Versa slab will be the refinement you desire.


Motif de pose

Palette vue de haut

VERSAGCVersa slab 10 x 20charcoal50 × 254 × 5082 x 10 x 2035 lb
VERSABSVersa slab 10 x 20sandy beige50 × 254 × 5082 x 10 x 2035 lb
Unit specificationsVERSAGCVERSABS
Dimension (mm)50 × 254 × 50850 × 254 × 508
Dimension (inches)2 x 10 x 202 x 10 x 20
Weight35 lb / unit35 lb / unit
Pallet specifications
Number of units80 un / pal80 un / pal
Quantity / row per pallet88
Number of row1010
Pallet dimensions40"x 40"40"x 40"
Product positioninghorizontalhorizontal

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Versa is exclusive to certain stores. Visit your favourite retailer’s website now to check the availability of the Versa slab. Imagine the Versa slab for all your projects, either as the finishing touch or as a core element. It is THE most versatile slab.

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