Silage bunker

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The bunker silo or corridor silo is designed with factory-prefabricated concrete walls to create a quality product.



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Factory precast concrete wall for storage

Factory-built silage bunkers ensure compliance with market requirements of 42 MPa (6000 Psi). Silo pit walls enable rapid construction and efficient storage. Concrete has the advantage of low water absorption, making it ideal for long-term storage. The adjustable, convertible design of our silos means you can meet virtually any need!


The precast concrete silo can be installed on an existing concrete or asphalt floor.


Concrete is an ultra-durable, maintenance-free material.


The reinforcement in our silos is strategically positioned to maximize long-term reinforcement and strength.

Two models

Two models (10′ and 12′) equipped with a concrete male/female key to facilitate installation and increase the durability of your pit silos.

Good to know

Why choose precast concrete rather than vertical or cast-in-place silos?

The prefabricated concrete pit silo is maintenance-free, can be installed on an existing concrete or asphalt floor, has a low percentage of water absorption and features a controlled seal to ensure a better seal in your alleys. Factory-prefabricated pit silos are quick and easy to install, cost less per ton of silage, and are modular thanks to their adjustable, convertible design. Expand? For sale? Anything’s possible, because you can move them!

No more secrets, here are all our specifications:

Unit specifications

Dimensions (inches)
SILO10 120 x 72 x 48
SILO12 144 x 60 x 63 1/2
SILOC12 144 x 60 x 63 1/2

Pallet specifications

SILO10 3016 kg
SILO12 3561 kg
SILOC12 3436 kg


All silos are stored and loaded on their sides with rubber edges to prevent breakage during transport.


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