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Do you dream of terraces and patios made of thin wooden slats? Does the idea of sanding and staining them turn your dream into a nightmare? Introducing Foresta concrete slabs. Because dreams are made to come true!


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Foresta Concrete Slabs

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The elegance of wood without the maintenance has a name: Foresta concrete slabs!

Foresta concrete patio stones give a sidewalk, a terrace, a pool surround, and even a spa surround the warmest of characters. More rustic in style thanks to its texture and colour, this patio tile is easy to mistake for barn wood. Install the pattern in alternating directions to create a unique effect or line up the slab edges to make the surface appear larger. Ready to build the comfortable, inviting space you really deserve?


Foresta concrete patio stones have a texture that’s ultra-realistic and soft-to-the-touch.

Pedestrian traffic

Foresta concrete patio stones are specifically designed for all your pedestrian spaces.


Concrete slabs that mimic the warm look of wood so well you’ll be fooled.

Easy maintenance

While your neighbours are busy stripping, sanding, and staining their deck, you’ll be busy enjoying your concrete slabs!

Our installation tips

Using Patio Drummond’s Foresta slab

The beauty of Foresta concrete slabs is that they are both fabulous and easy-to-install. We promise! No special tools are required to do your patio, sidewalk, terrace, pathway, pool and spa surround, or stepping stones. Take a Zen approach and enjoy Patio Drummond’s signature convenience!

Installation patterns

Frequently asked questions

How can I prevent grass from growing between the tiles or pavers?

We recommend using polymeric sand in product joints to minimize grass growth. There is little that can be done in wet, shaded areas to prevent grass growth. If you want to solve the problem permanently, seek professional advice.

Can a damaged tile or paver be replaced?

Yes, as long as you kept a few extra units during the initial installation (which is why we recommend that you buy about 10% more than the quantity planned for your project). To replace the tile or paver, scrape off the polymer sand and, using two flathead screwdrivers, remove the product and replace it with the new one. Fill the joint with polymer sand and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

How long should I wait before cleaning and sealing my tiles and/or pavers?

Before cleaning and sealing a new concrete product, we recommend that you wait at least one (1) year so that the efflorescence has time to rise to the surface.

How do I protect my tiles from stains?

Our Drycast products are now made with Hydrapel, which protects them and makes them more resistant to deterioration. We may recommend the application of a sealer if your tiles are under trees and/or if the surface is used to create a space where you will cook, eat, etc. Be aware that there are several types and colors of sealers and that a sealer could change the look of your slab (either by color or luster). Please check with the sealant manufacturers and read the instructions for their use. Patio Drummond declines all responsibility for damages caused by the use of a sealant on its products.

How do you de-ice concrete in winter?

We recommend the use of fine sand and/or gravel to de-ice your concrete products in winter. Patio Drummond prohibits the use of de-icing salt to prevent the surface of concrete slabs, pavers, balconies and stoops from chipping or crumbling. Patio Drummond declines all responsibility for damages caused by the use of de-icing salt on its products. De-icing salts are often sold without any warning about their harmful effects on concrete slabs, pavers and balconies. Even when a package mentions “safe for concrete”, it is important to pay close attention to the warnings and conditions of application, as they are often very unrealistic. The APCHQ strongly recommends the use of sand or fine gravel. Given the manufacturers’ restrictions on the use of de-icing salts, it is much simpler to refrain from sprinkling them on your concrete balconies, in order to prevent their surface from flaking or crumbling. Sand and gravel do require more maintenance, but these two products are certainly a guarantee of durability for the concrete of your slabs, pavers and balconies.

Will freezing and thawing damage concrete products?

No. Frost damage is virtually non-existent! The space between the pieces of concrete (pavers, slabs or walls) allows them to move without cracking or splitting. The quality of the concrete we use also ensures increased frost resistance of each product. New in 2022: Our drycast products have undergone their greatest improvement to date with what is known as Hydrapel. Designed at the factory for increased quality and grading, the products are manufactured with an additive that makes them permeable and therefore more durable. Added directly to the mix of our drycast products, Hydrapel reduces the absorption rate and increases the resistance to freezing and thawing as well as to bad weather. Hydrapel protects against stains and reinforces the resistance to UV rays for a brilliant color that will last forever!
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Patio Drummond Quality

Concrete products provide a lot of flexibility in a landscape design project. They’re ready to install the minute you take delivery of them. Our concrete is designed to withstand the harsh Canadian climate’s typical freeze/thaw cycles.


If your product is damaged, please contact the dealer you purchased your products from, directly. Patio Drummond provides a replacement warranty against manufacturing defects in its products, valid for one (1) year from the date of purchase.

No more secrets, here are all our specifications:

Unit specifications

Dimension (mm) 38 x 492 x 492
Dimension (inches) 1 1/2 x 19 3/8 x 19 3/8
Weight 48 lb / 22 kg

Pallet specifications

Number of units 50 50
Coverage per pallet 133.33 ft2 12.4 m2
Coverage per row 133.33 ft2 12.4 m2
Weight 2400 lb 1089 kg


Quantity / row per pallet 50
Number of row 1
Pallet dimensions 40″ x 40″
Product positioning vertical

Ready to build your dream deck?

Our concrete slabs are available at your favorite dealer. Their team is specially trained by Patio Drummond to help you select and install the patio tile that best suits your project.


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