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The Secur (MU-83) shed is ideal for storing valuable goods or integrating electrical panels or water features in large spaces.

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Secur Shed: A Secure Space

The Secur prefabricated concrete shed is available in a light sandblasted finish for easy maintenance and increased durability. The high-performance concrete mixture of 50 MPa (7250 Psi) combined with an anti-graffiti sealant makes our sheds extremely resistant to harsh Quebec winters. Ideal in size for storage or concealing an electrical system, the Secur shed can also be used as a shed in a residential context.

Adaptable for Creating a Sanitary Cabin

The Secur shed can be adapted to create an accessible sanitary cabin for people with reduced mobility.

Ultra-Resistant Iron Door

Each utility building is equipped with an ultra-resistant iron door with locking to eliminate theft and vandalism and ensure the security of your stored property.

100% Concrete Design

With a fully prefabricated concrete design, you will never have to worry about a shed tipping over. Robust and solid, it measures nearly 100 inches high and nearly 95 inches wide and weighs over 11,000 pounds.

Reduces Maintenance Expenses

Cities, municipalities, and businesses that have embraced concrete sheds have seen their maintenance expenses drastically reduced!

Good to know

Hydrophobic and Oleophobic Sealant

Furthermore, we add a hydrophobic and oleophobic sealant to all our sheds for better resistance to weather and changing climates. Difficult to damage, our sheds are installed to last! With a timeless design, our prefabricated concrete sheds withstand changing styles and trends with elegance and friendliness.

No more secrets, here's all our specifications:


Height 99 3/8
Width 61
Length 94 3/8
Weight 11464 lb

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Our team supports you in your landscaping project, regardless of its size. Patio Drummond even delivers and installs its prefabricated concrete sheds throughout Quebec.


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