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The Regula (MU-54) flower pot, with its clean and simple lines, is exactly what you need to create a modern and timeless outdoor landscaping.

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A concrete flower pot for big or small projects.

Straight lines, precise angles, a smooth finish, vibrant and long-lasting colors: the Regula concrete flower pot has everything you need to create professional-level landscaping. Its regular shape will give your spaces a timeless and charming classic touch. Want to create an urban space that will have style for the next 15 years? Regula is perfect for your project!


Factory precast concrete flower pots fit into various spaces, from streets to parks, offering an aesthetic and functional solution to your urban landscaping.

Efficient drainage

The bottom of the Regula concrete flower pot is equipped with a drip drain that ensures a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.


The possible uses of the Regula concrete flower pot are limited only by your imagination! Grow herbs, succulents, vegetables, or flowers in it!

Anti-graffiti and easy to clean

The Regula concrete flower pot is equipped with an anti-graffiti coating that enhances its durability and protects it from the effects of time. It’s also easier to clean when needed!

Good to know

No need for anchorage

Our Linea concrete flower pot is heavy (850 pounds) and doesn’t require anchoring to the ground. Rest assured, this concrete pot won’t be moved by the wind! Resistant to weather and temperature variations, concrete flower pots maintain their appearance and functionality over the years, requiring little to no maintenance!

No more secrets, here's all our specifications:


Height 27
Width 24
Lenght 48
Weight 850 lb

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Our team can help you with your landscaping project, no matter how big or small. Patio Drummond even delivers and installs its prefabricated concrete planters anywhere in Quebec.


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