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Our Diamond outdoor concrete steps are specially-designed to fit easily into your property’s topography, taking your landscaping to the next level!



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Precast outdoor concrete steps that can be adapted to any topography

Easily design outdoor concrete stairs for anywhere on your property with our Diamond precast concrete steps. Their classic color blends with a wide variety of materials and suits any style of landscaping. Integrate the Diamond outdoor concrete step into a garden wall, into a hill for access to a terrace, into a footpath to mitigate an elevation change: you're limited only by your imagination! Its timeless style and durable design will let you enjoy your new outdoor concrete staircase for a long time to come.


The Diamond patio slab has a unique, diamond-patterned look.

Pedestrian traffic

The outdoor concrete stairs are designed to be easy on your feet.


The precast Diamond concrete steps can be adapted to suit your property, whatever its layout.


Your Diamond outdoor concrete stairs will be timeless, and it will match whatever style of yard you decide to create, over the years.

Our installation tips

How to transform our outdoor concrete steps into a practical and inviting staircase

Installing Diamond outdoor concrete steps requires some preparation, and a few tools, to build a stable staircase that will guide the way beautifully to your verdant oasis! The prefabricated concrete step is perfect for landscaping a sloped property, or for creating elevation between two surfaces, whether for a residential or commercial development.

Laying patterns

Patio Drummond Quality

Concrete products provide a lot of flexibility in a landscape design project. They’re ready to install the minute you take delivery of them. Our concrete is designed to withstand the harsh Canadian climate’s typical freeze/thaw cycles.


If your product is damaged, please contact the dealer you purchased your products from, directly. Patio Drummond provides a replacement warranty against manufacturing defects in its products, valid for one (1) year from the date of purchase.

No more secrets, here's all our specifications:

Unit specifications

24″ 30″ 36″
Dimension (mm) 178 × 356 × 610 178 × 356 × 762 178 × 356 × 914
Dimension (inches) 7 × 14 × 24 7 × 14 × 30 7 × 14 × 36
Weight 61 lb / 28 kg 76 lb / 34 kg 92 lb / 42 kg

Pallet specifications

24″ 30″ 36″
Number of units 6 6 6
Coverage per pallet  24 / 7,32 30 / 9,14 36 / 10,97
Coverage per row 8 / 2,44 10 / 3,05 1 12 / 3,66
Weight 732 lb  912 lb 1104 lb


24″ 30″ 36″
Quantity / row per pallet 4 4 4
Number of row 3 3 3
Pallet dimensions 24″ x 42″ 24″ x 42″ 24″ x 42″
Product positioning horizontal horizontal horizontal

Looking for the outdoor concrete steps that will enhance the beauty of your landscape design?

Our outdoor concrete steps are available at a hardware dealer near you. Each of our distributors is specially-trained by the Patio Drummond team to answer your questions, and to advise you on the best products for landscaping your garden or terrace.


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Concrete Steps Diamond

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