Cement-free carbon negative CMU

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A cinder block for your projects! The carbon negative block has the reliability of cement-free, precast concrete. Thanks to CarbiCrete technology, each cinder block emits less CO2 when produced and throughout its lifespan. Amazing, right?


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A "green" and durable precast cinder block

Our carbon negative cinder block has everything going for it: It's safe, sturdy, and green! Not only is our construction-grade cinder block produced using the CarbiCrete process not emitting CO2 into the air, but it traps it, too. This is why we call it carbon negative. Meeting all industry specifications and the ASTM C90 standard, our no-cement precast cinder block is as efficient, and has an equal, if not greater, load-bearing capacity than blocks made of cement. Choosing the cement-free CarbiCrete cinder block for your construction project can help you obtain LEED certification.


20 blocks produced = 1 tree planted, in terms of CO2 emissions reductions.

Safe and Sturdy

Carbon negative precast cinder block meets industry specifications and the ASTM C90 standard.


The carbon negative precast concrete block can help meet the requirements for LEED certification.

Our installation tips

Installing a carbon-negative cinder block

Installing the no-cement carbon negative precast cinder block requires the application of mortar, so it’s important to have some experience in doing so, for flawless results. The no-cement cinder block is suited to partition walls, interior walls, commercial walls, residential walls, and garden walls.

Patio Drummond Quality

Concrete products provide a lot of flexibility in a landscape design project. They’re ready to install the minute you take delivery of them. Our concrete is designed to withstand the harsh Canadian climate’s typical freeze/thaw cycles.


If your product is damaged, please contact the dealer you purchased your products from, directly. Patio Drummond provides a replacement warranty against manufacturing defects in its products, valid for one (1) year from the date of purchase.

No more secrets, here's all our specifications:

Unit specifications

The 8″ corner block has a slot to break with a masonry chisel

Hollow block 8″ Hollow block 8″ – corner
Dimension (mm) 190 x 190 x 391 190 × 190 × 391
Dimension (inches) 7 1/2 × 7 1/2 × 15 3/8 7 1/2 × 7 1/2 × 15 3/8
Weight 37 lb 40 lb

Pallet specifications

1 block out of 4 is a corner. Each pallet contains 15 units of corners.

Number of units 60
Coverage per pallet 48 ft2
Coverage per row 9.6 ft2
Weight 2381 lb


Quantity / row per pallet 12
Number of row 5
Pallet dimensions 40″ x 40″
Product positioning vertical

Looking for concrete blocks to build walls and garden walls?

Patio Drummond’s construction-grade precast cinder block is available in several sizes at a dealer near you. Consult your hardware dealer, specially trained by our team for good advice about completing your project!


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Cement-free carbon negative CMU

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