Interior-Exterior Staircases

Custom-made indoor/outdoor Staircases for a project adapted to your needs

The avant-garde design of our custom-made Staircases will make your design unique. Our concrete Staircases can be installed inside or outside. Our design uses a self-supporting step system that eliminates the need for reinforcement in the center of the step*.
*Applicable according to the size of the step.

For Patio Drummond, our products' great looks and durability are our priority.

We have thought of everything for your turnkey project. By choosing Patio Drummond, you will have a quality, consistent project by having your concrete landings manufactured at the same location as your stairs.

You want to create a Staircase that is out of the ordinary?

We can offer you the possibility of adding color to the concrete*. Choose from a wide range of finishes to reflect the use and location of your Staircase.

*Additional charges may apply.


Several choices of finishes are available

depending on the use and location of the Staircase :

  • Broom Finish
  • Smooth finish with non-slip carborandum strips on top of the step
  • Smooth finish with non-slip concrete strips on top of the step

Our engineering team is able to provide you with plans adapted to your structure and your needs for a turnkey service.

Pro Tips

An interior or exterior Staircase made by experts

We offer two types of steps: with and without riser. As an expert in the field, Patio Drummond can manufacture steps with a one-piece concrete riser. The steps are installed on steel stringers generally by hand, depending on their size. Our precast concrete steps are sturdy. They are made of high-performance concrete, unique Patio Drummond reinforcement and latticework to ensure strength and durability.



Decorative Tips

Patio Drummond for a turnkey project

Our maintenance-free steps are coated with a high-performance sealant. Simple and quick to install, your project will take shape in no time. Patio Drummond offers a complete engineering service for your project. We also offer on-site delivery!

Want to know more?

Contact us directly and it will be our pleasure to accompany you in your project, no matter the size.