Sign Post Bases

Ideal for lightweight displays, our precast concrete signage bases come with a choice of posts in 6 different lengths.

Our signage bases are used to display indications or directions in parking lots, at the entrance of businesses, in parks and in cities. Offered in light grey, our bases will match the concrete sidewalks already present in urban developments perfectly.


Stable, safe and effective

our signage bases will please you every time.

  • In parking lots
  • At the entrance of businesses
  • In parks and in cities

Technical specifications

Thickness (Height) × Width × Length × Depth

inches code
17 ½ × 16 × 16SIGN
48 × 16 × 16SIGN448
60 × 16 × 16SIGN460
72 × 16 × 16
84 × 16 × 16SIGN484
96 × 16 × 16SIGN496


  • Light grey

    Light grey

Choosing Patio Drummond pays off!

Our Concrete Bases being offered in different sizes, you will easily find a product that will suit your needs. Manufactured directly at our factory, our signaling bases are safe, durable and efficient.