Jersey Barriers

Our barriers assure your protection

Jersey barriers manufactured by Patio Drummond are protective devices that can be used to separate road lanes or protect a space by reducing possible impacts. Patio Drummond offers you different models of Jersey barriers including the standard barrier approved by the Quebec Ministry of Transport.


Our concrete Jersey barriers

are right for all your projects:

  • Roads
  • Parking lots
  • Events

Technical Specifications

Thickness (Height) × Width × Length × Depth

JERS10813 x 610 x 304832 1/2 x 24 x 1203960 lbs
JERS13813 x 610 x 398832 1/2 x 24 x 157 1/25000 lbs

Glissière de sécurité

Pro tips

Simple, effective and safe

Our barriers are designed to be aligned to create a long barrier. If you wish to delineate a parking space and thus protect your building, we also have the right product for you!



Security Tips

Measuring up to 32 x 24 x 156 inches, our Jersey barriers can also be painted yellow to increase their visibility.

They can be used on roads, in parking lots, at crowded events or to protect propane tanks.

Always offered at competitive prices

Our barriers are offered to you at competitive prices. Our products meet the strictest Quebec Ministry of Transport standards and Patio Drummond delivers and installs these barriers throughout the Province of Quebec.

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