Balconies / Building slabs

Our concrete balconies are maintenance-free and made to last.

No more treated wood or fibreglass needing constant replacement and maintenance. Precast concrete lasts for decades and requires no maintenance.




Price Index

After a survey of more than 50 contractors in Quebec, prefabricated concrete is the material with the lowest cost* among all the options available on the market.

* The total cost of the product is calculated by adding up the selling price, annual maintenance and replacement cost over a 20-year period.




Easy Installation

You will appreciate the quick and easy installation of our precast concrete slabs. Each slab is equipped with integrated handling anchors and steel plates to facilitate handling and attachment to the building structure. We also lend lifting rings, if needed.

Our customers install an average of 20 balconies in a normal working day.


Our customers install an average of 20 balconies

in a normal working day.

  • Tailor-made products
  • Speed of installation
  • Safety
  • Economical

Our products meet the highest structural and architectural standards in order to offer you a safe and durable precast concrete product.

We offer three models

Standard Slab
Square or rectangular in shape, the standard balcony is simple and economical

Slab with skirt
The skirt gives your project a substantial look while limiting the weight on the structure. It also allows the installation of metal cladding and the concealment of HSS-type supports.

Circular / irregular slab
Thanks to our unique manufacturing processes and our expertise in precast concrete, we can offer customized products to meet all your architectural needs.


Our engineering team is able to provide you turnkey service including plans adapted to your structure and your requirements.

Typical installations

hss tubes installation
Structure: light steel

steel angle on bearing wall installation
Structure: wood

steel column installation
Structure: wood

Pro Tips

Tailor-made products adapted to your needs

Our expertise combined with that of our in-house engineering department allows us to work with you in a variety of projects. Since its inception, Patio Drummond has poured more than 10,000 building slabs.