Patio Drummond tables are built to last...

Precast concrete tables are available in exposed aggregate or with a light sandblast finish to facilitate maintenance and increase durability. The tables combine the use of concrete and recycled plastic perfectly to maximize durability and comfort. They are affordable, versatile, maintenance-free and vandalism-resistant. The 50 MPa (7250 Psi) high-performance concrete mix and an anti-graffiti sealer make the tables extremely resistant to Quebec’s harsh winters.

They are perfect for all your projects:

  • Ideal for municipal parks and green spaces

  • Ideal for shops

  • Ideal for companies

  • Ideal for restaurant terraces

Want to know more?

Contact us directly at [email protected] and it will be a pleasure for us to accompany you in your development project, no matter the size. Patio Drummond delivers and installs its tables throughout Quebec.

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