Organika furniture

Organika for “organic”

Unique, modern, organic and respectful are the words that describe the energy carried by the Organika collection. Modular and ecological in design, Organika high-end furniture is designed to be organic: each product takes its roots and integrates naturally into its decor. Like a living organism, the elements of Organika furniture work together to form a whole.

Elegant, the Organika collection will fit perfectly into your environment, while respecting it.

  • made from recycled and recyclable materials
  • modern urban planning
  • sustainable development
  • Anti-vandalism



In addition to being ergonomic, Organika street furniture is durable, versatile, maintenance-free and vandal-resistant.

The blend of a 50 MPa (7250 Psi) high performance concrete and an anti-graffiti sealant makes this collection extremely resistant to the harsh Quebec winters.

Pro tip

By choosing concrete furniture, you will save on installation costs and will not have to pour a concrete slab to anchor it to the ground.

The weight of our products is precisely calculated so that they do not need to be anchored to the ground, while being impossible to move without specialized machinery.

Bac à fleurs


Tableau pour classe exterieure | Patio Drummond


Take a look at Organika's outdoor classroom furniture.

Tout est pensé pour créer des zones pédagogiques qui motiveront les élèves, les étudiants et tout le personnel enseignant.

Everything is designed to create educational areas that will motivate students and teachers. Teaching, education and learning are constantly changing. We believe that the best learning environment is one that is as vibrant and dynamic as the people in it.

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The objective of the Organika collection is to develop spaces such as municipal parks, green spaces, schoolyards, shops and businesses that allow you to be in symbiosis with nature and the environment.

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