Essentia furniture

Essentia for "essence of wood"

Deliberately offering a return to the essentials, Essentia urban furniture allows people to gather and find themselves. The only product offered in the collection, the Essentia table (MU-19) is surprisingly similar to wood. Underneath its rigid but slender lines, it presents a robust and warm design.


Comfortably seating 6 adults or 8 children

Essential and unique, the Essentia collection is inspired by the most beautiful species of wood: a rich and timeless material.

Avec la table Essentia, vous obtenez le meilleur de deux mondes :

  • the friendly look of wood
  • durability of concrete construction


Made of carefully selected materials, this table is resistant to the harsh Quebec climate and requires very little maintenance!

Don’t compromise: the Essentia table is THE solution for your landscaping project!

Pro tips

By choosing concrete furniture, you will save on installation costs and will not have to pour a concrete slab to anchor it to the ground.

The weight of the table is precisely calculated so that it does not need to be anchored to the ground, while being impossible to move without specialized machinery.


Create a space in your image

Comfortably seating 6 adults or 8 children, the Essentia concrete table is ideal for municipal parks, green spaces, schoolyards, businesses and institutions. Let’s face it, it’s also perfect for your backyard!

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