Modula bench

The Modula bench is unique

Really unique because it can be arranged in a thousand and one ways. So much so that it is difficult to give you an exact description. The Modula bench can have two Flora planters as legs and they do not have to be at the same height. The Modula could have (or not) a backrest. The Modula bench could also be connected to the Octogona bench to create a shade area with a sail and a post. Anything is possible with the Modula bench. Let your imagination run wild and let our urban furniture take root and integrate organically into your spaces.


Can accommodate up to 3 people

Everything is possible with the Modula bench

  • With Flora planters
  • With backrest
  • Without backrest
  • Shade area with the Octogona bench
  • Modular

We offer delivery and installation service

Technical specifications

Thickness (Height)×Width×Length×Depth

ORG-SLABAModula concrete bench seatyes4 x 14 x 96460 lbs
ORG-DOSModula concrete bench seat in stainless steelyes13 x 12 x 7280 lbs
ORG-PATTELegs for Modula benchyes16 x 14 x 475 lbs

Modula concrete bench seat


Modula concrete bench seat with IPE wood accents. Can accommodate up to 3 people.

Backrest for bench in stainless steel


Modula bench backrest

Legs for Modula bench


The Modula bench can have black painted steel legs and/or other products from the Organika collection, such as the Flora 16 and Flora 32 flower pots, an Octogona bench and more. Talk to one of our representatives to see the modular options available!

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Contact us directly at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you in your development project, regardless of its size. Patio Drummond delivers and installs anywhere in Quebec.

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