Our prefabricated concrete ashtray is ideal for parks, restaurants and urban environments.

The mix of 50 MPa (7250 Psi) high-performance concrete and an anti-graffiti sealer makes our ashtrays extremely resistant to Quebec’s harsh winters. Reflective or painted aluminum strips can be added to the ashtrays to make your product more visible.

They are perfect for all your projects:

  • Design barriers against cars

  • Ideal for shopping terraces

  • Ideal for restaurant terraces

  • Ideal for cities and municipalities

Patio Drummond ashtrays can be used as a barrier for cars or as a decorative element that will add value to your business or restaurant.

Offered in different shapes and sizes, we will certainly have the product that will meet your needs.

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Contact us directly at [email protected] and it will be our pleasure to accompany you in your landscaping project, no matter the size. Patio Drummond delivers and installs its benches everywhere in Quebec.

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