Need height? Think about our Diamond outdoor steps!

The Diamond concrete steps are ideal for all outdoor staircases. Our outdoor concrete steps are designed to create pathways, regardless of the topography of your property. The outdoor steps ensure a smooth transition between different levels. Sometimes integrated into low walls, these steps are important elements in your landscaping design because they facilitate the passage between terraces, patios and gardens.




Price index

A smart, safe and foolproof choice! The Diamond concrete exterior steps will allow you to take your landscaping to the next level.




Ease of installation

Intermediate level of installation. The exterior concrete step requires a few tools and a minimum of preparation. Its installation requires know-how and accuracy for great results!


Ideal for

various projects:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Sloping ground
  • Need for elevation between two surfaces
  • Wetcast


  • Pedestrian Traffic

    Pedestrian Traffic

Technical Specifications

Thickness (Height)×Width×Length×Depth

MA24Diamond Step 24"light grey178 × 356 × 6107 × 14 × 2461 lbs
MA30Diamond Step 30"light grey178 × 356 × 7627 × 14 × 3076 lbs
MA36Diamond Step 36"light grey178 × 356 × 9147 × 14 × 3692 lbs


Thickness (Height)×Width×Length×Depth

Unit specificationsMA24MA30MA36
Dimension (mm)178 × 356 × 610178 × 356 × 762178 × 356 × 914
Dimension (inches)7 × 14 × 247 × 14 × 307 × 14 × 36
Weight61 lbs / 28 kg76 lbs / 34 kg92 lbs / 42 kg
Pallet specifications (Imperial)MA24MA30MA36
Number of units666
Coverage per pallet24 li.ft. / 7.32 li.ft. / 9.14 li.ft. / 10.97
Coverage per row8 li.ft. / 2.44 li.ft / 3.05 li.ft. / 3.66
Weight732 lbs912 lbs1104 lbs
Quantity / row per pallet444
Number of row333
Pallet dimensions24" x 42"24" x 42"24" x 42"
Product positioninghorizontalhorizontalhorizontal


  • Light grey

    Light grey

Laying patterns

  • Diamond steps

    Diamond steps

Top view pallets

  • Diamond


Pro Tips

Our outdoor concrete steps, made with passion

Offered in a very classic light grey colour, our Diamond outdoor steps will certainly match your outdoor design project. Proud of our continuous improvements, we have been manufacturing the Diamond concrete step for 50 years. Offered in different lengths of 24, 30 and 36 inches, we will certainly have something that will meet your needs!



Decorative Tips

A layout that meets your desires

The timelessly stylish Diamond exterior steps feature neutral colour and unparalleled symmetry. A classic design, the Diamond concrete steps will (literally) enhance your landscaping design. Minimalistic and stylish, our Patio Drummond steps are affordable and easy to maintain. They are made with refined details and make your landscaping project one-of-a-kind. Build your backyard with our products because every detail counts.

Ask your hardware store!

Stop by and see your favourite hardware dealer. Their team is always available to help you and answer your questions. Go to your favourite retailer website now to check the availability of the Diamond outdoor steps by clicking on their logo. If you have an idea in mind, they will definitely be able to help you make your dreams come true.

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