More than 35 years of history has gone into the Paving Stone slab

Because of its durability and affordability, the Paving Stone slab created Patio Drummond’s well-known reputation. Economical and pleasing to the eye, the Paving Stone slab enhances both small and large surfaces with ease. Offering a simple design that imitates a slab pattern, this Patio Drummond product has been stealing the show in backyards for over 35 years. It’s a design that will please all your visitors!

Let your creativity run wild:

  • Patio

  • Terrace

  • Pool surround

  • Spa surround

  • Walkways

Simple, economical and durable

The Paving Stone slab is designed exclusively for landscaping. Simple, economical and durable, these slabs give a unique character to any backyard. The slabs are used to create surfaces that will be exposed to pedestrian traffic, such as pool surrounds, walkways or patios.

Ease of installation

Redo your layout in no time with the Paving Stone slab. Easy to install, it requires no special tools. Anyone can do it!

Price index

The Paving Stone slab allows you to redo your landscaping without breaking the bank!


Installation patterns

Pallet top view

PP1818Paver slab 18 x 18light grey38 × 451 × 4511 1/2 × 17 3/4 × 17 3/440 lbs
PP2424Paver slab 24 x 24light grey41 × 610 × 6101 5/8 × 24 × 2477 lbs
Unit specificationsPP1818PP2424
Dimension (mm)38 x 451 x 45141 x 610 x 610
Dimension (inches)1 1/2 x 17 3/4 x 17 3/41 5/8 x 24 x 24
Weight40 lbs / 18 kg77 lbs / 35 kg
Pallet specifications
Number of units5224
Coverage per pallet108 ft2 92 ft2
Coverage per row108 ft2 92 ft2
Weight2000 lbs1771 lbs
Quantity / row per pallet5024
Number of row11
Pallet dimensions36" × 42"24" × 42"
Product positioningverticalvertical

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