Econo slabs

The Econo concrete slab is a perfect combination of elegance and low price.

The Econo slab will delight you as it adds value to your property. Save 25% to 45% on the usual installation time by choosing the Econo concrete slab. You will give your garden a sophisticated look in no time at all!

Use the Econo slab for your projects:

  • Patio

  • Terraces

  • Pool surround

  • Spa surround

  • Pathways

Economical, versatile and unique

The Econo slab is designed for landscaping and for pedestrian traffic. Complementing all styles, slabs are now all the rage. Use the slabs to design and create spaces for pedestrian traffic, such as patios, walkways or pool surrounds. Don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild. The Econo slab will make your dreams come true!

Ease of installation

Designed for weekend do-it-yourselfers, the Econo patio slab requires no special tools.

Price index

The Econo concrete slab will add style and personality to your property without breaking the bank!


Installation patterns

Pallet top view

ECONOBPEcono Slablight brown44 × 302 × 3021 3/4 × 11 7/8 × 11 7/819 lbs
ECONOGEcono Slabgrey44 × 302 × 3021 3/4 × 11 7/8 × 11 7/819 lbs

*The product in the picture is sealed which changes its natural colour.

Unit specifications 
Dimension (mm)44 x 302 x 302
Dimension (inches)1 3/4 x 11 7/8 x 11 7/8
Weight19 lbs / 9 kg
Pallet specifications
Number of units108
Coverage per pallet106 ft2 9.85 m2
Coverage per row9 ft2 0.82 m2
Weight2052 lbs931 kg
Quantity / row per pallet9
Number of row12
Pallet dimensions36" × 40"
Product positioninghorizontal

A unique style, an unequalled price

Go to your favourite retailer’s website now to check the availability of Econo slabs by clicking on their logo. Their team is there to answer your questions and advise you on your landscaping projects! Patio Drummond products are tested by and for the people from here!

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