The Casa patio slab is one-of-a-kind.

Its texture and natural stone look inspire the most beautiful designs. Its practical and easy-to-install format will allow you to create your dream layout in no time at all. Let your creative spirit run wild by combining elegance and affordability! Mix and match textures and colours to create a design that reflects your taste.

Use Casa concrete slabs for a variety of projects:

  • Patio

  • Terraces

  • Spa surround

  • Pool surround

The Casa patio slab is ideal for creating a stylish decor.

Offered in a variety of colours, Casa is versatile and you can arrange its corners to create diamond patterns or align them for straight and linear joints for a more classic look. The Casa patio slab is designed for pedestrian traffic only. It enhances both small and large areas with style!

Ease of installation

Beginner. The Casa patio slab is easy to install without the need for specific tools.

Price index

A smart choice! The Casa concrete slab adds a touch of refinement to any landscaping project.


Installation patterns

Pallet top view

CASACCasa slabcharcoal45 × 340 × 3401 3/4 × 13 3/8 × 13 3/825 lb
CASABSCasa slabsandy beige45 × 340 × 3401 3/4 × 13 3/8 × 13 3/825 lb
Unit specifications 
Dimension (mm)45 × 340 × 340
Dimension (inches)1 3/4 × 13 3/8 × 13 3/8
Weight25 lb / 11 kg
Pallet specifications  
Number of units108
Coverage per pallet134.16 ft212.46 m2
Coverage per row11.18 ft2 1.04 m2
Weight2646 lbs1200 kg
Quantity / row per pallet12
Number of row9
Pallet dimensions40" × 40"
Product positioninghonrizontal

You will love the Casa patio slab!

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