The Carrelée Patio Slab

Featuring straight, clean lines, the Carrelée patio slab combines elegance and affordability. The patterns of the concrete slab make the joints of the slab practically invisible. Affordable and very durable, the Carrelée patio slab is ideal for your landscaping projects. Its simple design will enhance both small and large surfaces with elegance.

The Carrelée Patio Slab will enchant you:

  • Pathways

  • Patio

  • Terrace

  • Stepping stones

  • Pool surround

  • Spa surround

The Carrelée slab, perfect for all projects

Its assortment of 3 colours will allow you to choose a uniform design or mix and match tiles to better match your landscaping design. The Carrelée Patio Slab is designed for pedestrian traffic only. Let your imagination run wild and build your dream backyard with our products.

Ease of installation

Beginner level. The tile is easy to install and requires no special tools.

Price index

A smart choice! The Carrelée patio slab combines elegance and affordability.


Installation patterns

Pallet top view

CARRBCCarrelé slabtwo tone beige charcoal44 × 400 × 4001 3/4 × 15 3/4 × 15 3/4 35 lbs
CARRBPCarrelé slablight brown44 × 400 × 4001 3/4 × 15 3/4 × 15 3/4 35 lbs
CARRCCarrelé slabcharcoal44 × 400 × 4001 3/4 × 15 3/4 × 15 3/4 35 lbs
CARRGCarrelé slabgrey44 × 400 × 4001 3/4 × 15 3/4 × 15 3/4 35 lbs
Unit specifications 
Dimension (mm)44 x 400 x 400
Dimension (inches)1 3/4 x 15 3/4 x 15 3/4
Weight35 lbs / 16 kg
Pallet specifications  
Number of units72
Coverage per pallet124 ft2 11.52 m2
Coverage per row10.3 ft2 0.96 m2
Weight2520 lbs1143 kg
Quantity / row per pallet6
Number of row12
Pallet dimensions36" x 48"
Product positioninghorizontal

You'll want to show off your backyard to the entire neighbourhood.

Go to your favourite retailer’s website to check the availability of the Carrelée slab by clicking on their logo. Their team is there to answer your questions and advise you on your landscaping projects! Patio Drummond products are tested by and for the people of this region!

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