Create or renovate your patio with the BELVEDERE tile

A durable and maintenance-free product that is installed directly on the joists of an existing patio.

Easy to install 

The Belvedere patio tile installs directly to the wood structure of your deck

simply with construction adhesive.

Installation in 3 easy steps

The Belvedere patio tile installs directly to the wood structure of your deck

simply with construction adhesive.

Installation in 3 easy steps



the wood joists at the 16″ center




the construction glue on the joists




the Belvedere tiles on the joists


Guide d'installation

Nouvelle construction

Guide d'installation

Patio existant

Renovate your deck for good

with the Belvedere slab





two tiles away

from a perfect deck!


Frequently asked questions

Belvedere Slab

How is the Belvedere slab different from a normal patio slab?

The Belvedere slab is designed to be installed directly on the joists of your existing deck or patio. It is designed as an alternative to wood, treated wood, Trex and composite.

What are the advantages of the Belvedere slab?

You will no longer need to sand, stain or paint your patio. Concrete slabs are durable and maintenance free. They will allow you to enjoy your patio for many years! The best part is that they are easy and simple to install.

What makes it so resistant?

The Belvedere slab is reinforced with a fiberglass frame. This is why we call it a structural slab. The reinforcement, or fiberglass structure inside the concrete slab, increases the strength of the product.

Interesting fact!

Patio Drummond uses this technology in its concrete slats (agricultural product) since 1970. The concrete slats are also “structural” and are also installed on low concrete walls with the same functionality as the joists of your deck!

What is the weight supported by the Belvedere slab?

One slab can support up to 1000 lbs, so imagine what a full deck of slabs can support! Want to put outdoor furniture, a barbecue, a hot tub or anything else on your deck? As long as your structure and foundation are solid and built properly, Belvedere slabs can support the weight of your project!

How do I measure my deck to install the Belvedere tile?

For best results, you should take your measurements as follows:


Your joists should be laid out to a 16″ center measurement. The first and last section of the joists should measure 15 1/4″ since the slab must cover the entire outer joist for a better finish and so that the slab has a bearing on the next joist.


The total length of your deck must be a multiple of 24″. It is IMPORTANT to take this measurement from one end to the other (You must take the outside measurement of the joists).

How do I install the tiles if the joists on my patio are not on 16" centers?

You need to correct the width between joists that are more than 16 inches on center so that the slab has bearing points at 16 inches across the entire patio.

To do this, you can screw a wood shim onto the problematic joists. Make sure that this trim is level with the joist.

Do I have to cut the tiles to install them?

No, the Belvedere slab is designed for easy installation. If your project is well planned and measured, you won’t need to cut your tiles to install them.

If not, or if your deck has a more complex shape, you will need to cut your tiles with a concrete saw.

Can I install ramps?

Yes, it is possible to install ramps even on concrete slabs. We offer three installation options. Each option is explained and discussed below.

Option #1 :

Ramps screwed directly to concrete slabs

Step 1

Affix the ramp to the slab and mark, with a pencil, the hols to be screwed into the slab. Make holes in the slab, where the ramp screws will fit, with a 3/8 (or ½) concrete bit.

Step 2

When positioning the ramp, if it is not directly anchored in the structure, you will need to add a reinforcement. In order for the screws to find an anchor and ensure a solid installation of the ramp, you will have to screw a reinforcement into the joists

Step 3

Screw the railing into the slab and into the wood structure or reinforcement using #8 (3 inch) wood screws. IMPORTANT: The screws must be inserted without resistance in the concrete slab and find a solid anchor in the wood.

Option #2 :

Install a ramp by screwing it to the outside of the deck

Step 1

Make sure the side of the slab is flush with the joist.

Step 2

Use #8 wood screws (3 inches).

Option #3 :

Install the ramp in a wood insert on the deck

Step 1

Proceed in exactly the same way as for a conventional wood deck using #8 (3 inch) wood screws.

Do we need to install additional reinforcement on the patio before installing the slabs?

No, the structure of your deck must be the same as for a treated wood deck.

Should glue be used to hold the slab to the joists?

Yes, we recommend using construction adhesive (PL adhesive) where the slab rests on the joist. Avoid using too much glue. If you put too much glue on the underside of the slabs, it will rise up between the slabs and make them less stable.

How much glue should I use?

We recommend that you make glue dots (about the size of a .25) at the four corners of the tiles OR spread the glue along the joist. For a 10′ x 10′ deck, you will need about 3 to 4 tubes of construction glue.

Is it possible to use the tiles on wooden stringers for my patio stairs?

We recommend this method only to good handymen, since you will have to cut the tiles and adjust them. We suggest wood or aluminum stairs to complete your project!

Durable and maintenance free

unlike treated wood and composite

Easy and quick to install

thanks to its patented reinforcements

Installs directly on wood

with construction glue

Installs directly on wood

with construction glue


To create or renovate :

To create or renovate :

  • Patio
  • Terrace
  • Pathway
  • Outdoor walkway
  • Wetcast


  • Pedestrian Traffic

    Pedestrian Traffic




Price Index

A high-end product, the structural slab is a thoughtful choice for patio creations and renovations. No need to stain or paint your deck every 2-3-4 years. Less expensive than composite, the Belvedere deck tile is THE solution for your landscape.




Easy to install

Entry-level, Belvedere deck tile is easily glued and laid on the joists of your patio deck. Just glue, lay and align. It’s simple and effective!

Technical specifications

Thickness (Height) × Width × Length × Depth

BEL1624CBelvedere slabCarbon32 × 406 × 6101 1/4 × 16 × 2441 lbs


  • Charcoal


Innovation - patented reinforcements

Exclusive to certain stores.

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