Moderno Fireplace

Give new life to your backyard

The modern, refined appearance of the Moderno low wall is repeated in the Moderno outdoor fireplace. This creates a very unifying design element. The Moderno concrete outdoor fireplace is composed of 24 low wall blocks and a black-painted or stainless-steel tank to protect the blocks from direct contact with the flames. Our outdoor fireplaces are affordable, practical and resistant.

Use the Moderno concrete low wall to create :

  • Decorative walls

  • Garden borders

  • Modern outdoor fireplace

The Moderno outdoor fireplace for a modern look

Create an outdoor fireplace that will become the star of your backyard. Designed for outdoors, the Moderno outdoor fireplace will allow you to enjoy your backyard for longer periods of time, either during spring, summer or fall evenings. The Moderno concrete outdoor fireplace will blend perfectly with any style, as each of our colours has been carefully chosen to harmonize with your outdoor décor.

Ease of installation

The Moderno outdoor fireplace is easy to install. You will only need an hour or two to assemble your new fireplace. Guests for dinner? No problem. You can even cook your food that evening on the Moderno
cooking grill!

Price index

Focus on durability and longevity by choosing solid products tested by and for local people. The distinctive look of the Moderno outdoor fireplace will inject style and personality into your outdoor living space. Evenings by the fire have never looked so good!


Installation patterns

Mounting pattern and pallet top view

MODEMCModerno wallcharcoal102 × 152 × 4574 × 6 × 1834 lbs
MODEMCSModerno walltwo-tone sandy charcoal102 × 152 × 4574 × 6 × 1834 lbs
MODEMGCModerno walltwo-tone grey charcoal102 × 152 × 4574 × 6 × 1834 lbs
Unit specifications 
Dimension (mm)102 × 152 × 457
Dimension (inches)4 × 6 × 18
Weight34 lbs / 15 kg
Pallet specifications
Number of units90
Coverage per pallet68 ft2 6.3 m2
Coverage per row13.6 ft2 1.3 m2
Weight3060 lbs1388 kg
Quantity / row per pallet18
Number of row5
Pallet dimensions40" × 40"
Product positioningvertical
PAREMOFireguard Modernoblack152 × 864 × 8646 × 34 × 3450 lb / 23 kg
PAREMOSTFireguard Moderno - inoxinox152 × 864 × 8646 × 34 × 3450 lb / 23 kg
GRILLEMOCooking grill (4 hooks)black610 diameter cut to 33724 diameter cut to 13 1/43,5 lbs / 2 kg
Dimension (mm)152 × 864 × 864152 × 864 × 864610 diametre cut to 337
Dimension (inches)6 × 34 × 346 × 34 × 3424 diametre cut to 13 1/4
Weight50 lb / 23 kg50 lb / 23 kg3.5 lb / 2 kg
Quantity / row per pallet221
Number of row22
Product positioninghorizontalhorizontal

Enjoy your new outdoor fireplace as soon as possible

Visit your Canac, Rona, BMR or Patrick Morin hardware stores to learn more about our Moderno outdoor fireplace and accessories. Go to your favourite retailer website now to check the availability of the Moderno outdoor fireplace by clicking on their logo. Their team is there to advise you!

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