Water drain

Our Concrete Drain for a long-lasting installation

Its speed of installation, sturdiness, solidity and affordability have made Patio Drummond’s Concrete Drain a favourite with do-it-yourselfers. Created to help you manage excess water more efficiently, the precast concrete drain is durable and affordable.

Add the Drain to your project:

  • Yard entrance

  • Patio

  • Terrace

  • Pool surround

  • Spa surround

The drain is ideal for all types of installations.

Easy to install, it is ideal for your garage, driveway or the unevenness of your lot. Its pale grey colour will match your landscaping perfectly since the shades of each of our products are designed to go together perfectly.

Ease of installation

Don’t be intimidated by this level of installation. The drain is very easy to install. It requires only a minimum of preparation and a few tools for a great result.

Price index

A smart choice! The Patio Drummond concrete drain will allow you to make big changes without having to compromise!


Pallet top view

DRAIDrainlight grey248 × 279 × 3949 3/4 × 11 × 15 1/250 lbs
Unit specifications 
Dimension (mm)248 × 279 × 394
Dimension (inches)9 3/4 × 11 × 15 1/2
Weight50 lb / 23 kg
Pallet specificationsDRAI
Number of units9
Coverage per pallet (pi.ca.)N/A
Coverage per rowN/A
Weight450 lbs / 204 kg
Quantity / row per pallet9
Number of row1
Pallet dimensions36" × 48"
Product positioningvertical

Ensure the durability of your landscaping

Visit your retailer’s website now to check the availability of Concrete Drain. Then stop by your favourite hardware dealer. Their team is always available to help you and answer your questions. If you have an idea in mind, your hardware dealer will definitely be able to help you!

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