Patio Block

The Patio Block, a do-it-yourselfer's favourite

Its speed of installation, durability and affordability have made Patio Drummond’s Patio Block a favourite with do-it-yourselfers. Thanks to continuous improvements, the 4×4 Patio Block is now more ergonomic. The dimensions of the openings have been redesigned to allow for better use. In addition, we’ve added drainage strips to boost ventilation. Equipped with a central hole to attach a post, the Patio Bloc will enhance any landscaping project.

The Patio Block is perfect to be part of your construction project!

  • Designed for 4 ” and 6 ” posts

  • Allows to install logs vertically

  • Designed for our winters

The 6x6 or 4x4 Patio Block

Very easy to use, our concrete patio bases are available in two sizes to accommodate 4” and 6” posts. Moreover, the top is finished in a cross pattern for the vertical installation of different planks. Offering a stable and safe environment, the Patio Block by Patio Drummond is ideal for any construction project! The block will withstand the most severe freeze and thaw cycles of our winters. Our Patio Block also meets the safety standards regarding support.

Ease of installation

The block’s new ergonomics make them easy to install and allow the easy insertion of the posts for your future patio or terrace.

Price index

A smart choice! The Patio Block will allow you to make big changes without having to compromise! Take your landscaping dreams to their logical conclusion.


Pallet top view

BLOCK6-4Deck block 6x6grey210 × 330 × 3308 1/4 × 13 × 1353 lbs
BLOCK4Deck blocks 4x4grey165 × 250 × 2506 1/2 × 9 7/8 × 9 7/840 lbs
Unit specificationsBLOCK6-4 (A)BLOCKN (B)
Dimension (mm)210 × 330 × 330165 × 250 × 250
Dimension (inches)8 1/4 × 13 × 136 1/2 × 9 7/8 × 9 7/8
Weight53 lb / 24 kg40 lb / 18 kg
Pallet specificationsBLOCK6-4 (A)BLOCKN (B)
Number of units4590
Weight3180 lbs / 1440 kg3200 lbs / 1452 kg
CubingBLOCK6-4 (A)BLOCKN (B)
Quantity / row per pallet916
Number of row55
Pallet dimensions40" × 40" 40" × 40"
Product positioningverticalvertical

Enhance your layout, literally

Stop by your favourite hardware dealers and let their team help you with your questions. Go to their website now to check the availability of the Patio Block by clicking on their logo. If you have some ideas of your own, they will definitely be able to make them real.

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