Precast Concrete

For 50 years, Patio Drummond has been using the best technologies in the field of concrete. With our sophisticated, state-of-the-art equipment, we work with all types of concrete (dry, wet and slump-free) in order to always offer you a quality product that is adapted to your needs.

Over the years, our engineering team has worked with several cities and municipalities in Quebec to create large-scale specialized projects. Visit the “Custom-made” section of our website to discover some of our most recent projects.

We deliver anywhere in Quebec

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Patio Drummond is a CPCI and CSA certified plant.

Our precast concrete plant holds the highest certification of excellence in the precast concrete field. Our employees work hard every day to offer you products of incomparable quality for each of your projects.

Complete traceability of raw materials

We produce, transport and transform the majority of our raw materials ourselves to ensure their quality at all times during the manufacturing process. Our raw materials are carefully selected and we use local suppliers in order to grow the local economy.

Strict quality control

Factory precast concrete products have a distinct advantage over cast-in-place concrete :

  • Complete quality control on raw material selection and mixing
  • Control of the conditions of environment and temperature
  • Finishing after demoulding
  • Storage control
  • Speed of delivery to the construction site

Our manufacturing protocols are carried out by certified technicians and engineers to ensure that your projects will run smoothly.

High performance 50 MPA concrete

Our perfectly calibrated mixes offer increased performance. The strict control of the ambient temperature and the curing process results in a superior quality finish.

Engineering Department

Our engineering team can provide you with plans adapted to your structure and your needs. We can also work with your pre-approved plans. Our expertise extends to all types of projects: from residential bungalows to high-rise buildings of more than 300 units.

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