Designed with animal welfare in mind, our slats are safe, ergonomic and easy to maintain.

At Patio Drummond, our products ensure the comfort and cleanliness of your animals. The openings in the slats allow for the evacuation of organic waste as well as easy cleaning between animal lots, thus ensuring greater biosecurity.


  • Pigs
  • Sows
  • Cows
  • Calves

Easy maintenance, assured safety

Agricultural biosecurity is an important concern at Patio Drummond. This is why our slats are designed to be easy and quick to clean and, above all, to allow for the disposal of organic waste at all times. Pigs, sows, cows and calves… all your animals will be comfortable thanks to our concrete flooring system.

Expertise and customization

All our slat systems offer a flooring system that is adapted to your needs.

We accompany you throughout the entire process to ensure that the products you choose meet your highest standards. Can’t find what you need in our product range? Contact us and we will present you with custom-made designs adapted to your needs.


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