Feeder – Slats

Designed with animal welfare in mind, our slats are safe, ergonomic and easy to maintain.

Ensure the comfort and cleanliness of your feeder pigs with our classic feeder slats. The slats’ perforated openings allow for the evacuation of organic waste and simplify cleaning between batches of animals, thus ensuring greater biosecurity.


  • Increased waterproofing
  • Facilitates cleaning
  • Quick and efficient installation
  • Available in several sizes

Technical specifications

Thickness (Height) × Width × Length × Depth

Length48’’ to 96’’* to the nearest foot (or tailor-made)
FinishNon-slip concrete always with openings
*Options*For slats greater than 96’’ in length, a thickness of 6’’ is required. For more information, call on a Latte Drummond expert.

Concrete products for a long-lasting result

At Patio Drummond, we use a high-performance concrete mix with 70 MPa silica fume whose increased impermeability simplifies cleaning. In addition, our non-skid finish improves safety for your hogs. The slats have been designed to maximize animal comfort and reduce injuries.

A clean and sanitary environment

Your slatted floor system from Patio Drummond will provide your feeder pigs with a cleaner, drier and healthier environment. We use special grinding techniques to round off the openings for the animals’ well-being.

Pro Tips

A variety of sizes for all projects

We offer a wide selection of concrete slats in standard lengths: 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 feet. We can also develop custom-made slats for your needs. The modular design of our flooring system allows for quick and efficient installation to save you money. All our floors include Canadian-made reinforcement that is cut, bent and welded at our plant for increased quality control and traceability.

Weight: 28 lb / pi. ca.



Decorative Tips

Our products are made to go together

Add feeder slabs to your projects. They are available to reduce feed loss and increase your feed conversion. (link to hopper slab page – it will change so we didn’t put it there)

Our prefabricated concrete pig pen walls improve the quality, durability and profitability of your operation.

Looking to change your flooring system?

Patio Drummond manufactures several agricultural products.

We have the product you need

Check the availability of our products at our distributors by clicking on their logo. Their teams are trained to answer your questions and accompany you in all your projects!