Cattle – Barns slats

Cattle barn slats - perfectly adapted to each other

Our slats are perfectly adapted to the everyday conditions in barns. Our expertise acquired over the years allows us to offer slats for all parts of the barn. We use a high-performance concrete mix with 70 MPa silica fume. The increased impermeability of the concrete mix makes the floors easier to clean. In addition, the cattle slats have a more solid surface in order to maximize your animals’ comfort. From traffic areas to spaces to seat your robots, Patio Drummond’s products are the reference in the field.


  • Increased waterproofing
  • Facilitates cleaning
  • Solid surface to maximize comfort
  • Available in several sizes

Technical specifications

Thickness (Height) × Width × Length × Depth

Length48’’ to 156’’ to the nearest foot (or tailor-made)
Width24’’ to 48’’ to the nearest foot (or tailor-made)
FinishNon-slip concrete, with or without openings

A clean, healthy and safe environment

The Patio Drummond slatted floor system will provide your cattle with a cleaner, drier and healthier environment. Manure is stored under the slats until it is needed in the field. You can, therefore, reduce the size of your manure pit or eliminate it completely. The slats are designed to maximize animal comfort and to reduce the risk of injury.

Customized slats for your projects

Can’t find the product you need? We can also develop customized slats for your project. In addition, the modular design of our flooring system allows for quick and efficient installation to save you money. The Canadian-made reinforcement is cut, bent and welded at our plant to ensure increased quality control and traceability.

Pro Tips

We offer a wide selection of concrete slats in standard lengths.

By choosing Patio Drummond, you will have access to several sizes of slats. We offer slat lengths ranging from 48” to 156” and widths from 24” to 48”. Our cattle slats are 8” thick and have a non-slip finish to ensure the safety and comfort of your animals. We use special grinding techniques to round off the openings for the well being of your animals.

Weight: 68 lb /



Decorative tips

Affordable and durable quality products

Our flooring system offers you superior quality floors without the high labour and maintenance costs of traditional floors. Our system allows cattle to eat comfortably and move about in the barn without being disturbed by scrapers.

If you have a conventional concrete floor, we offer a prefabricated scraper system to speed up the build-time, increase quality and reduce your total bill. (link to scrapers)

Looking to change your flooring system?

Patio Drummond manufactures several agricultural products.

We have the product you need

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