Scraper Alley Tube

Patio Drummond is the reference in this field.

Patio Drummond manufactures high-strength concrete scraper tubes for storing manure under floors. The scrapers help you keep your barn aisles clean and dry. The scraper alley tubes are 12′ long and fit together tightly thanks to their male-female connections.


  • High resistance concrete
  • Increased waterproofing
  • Nestable
  • Keep your barn aisles clean and dry

A high-performance concrete mix

We use a high-performance concrete mix with 70 MPa silica fume. The increased impermeability of the concrete mix makes it easier for the scraper alley tube to work.

The scraper alley tube allow faster construction

Precast concrete scraper alley tubes speed up the construction process and allow for greater precision.

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