Bunker silo walls

The Patio Drummond Advantage

Our precast concrete bunker Silo Walls are designed in our certified plant and are subject to the highest industry standards.

Bunker silo walls

  • Maintenance-free
  • Can be installed on existing concrete or asphalt floors
  • Low percentage of water absorption
  • Controlled joint to ensure a better seal in your corridors.


Vs. vertical silo

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Reduced cost per tonne of silage
  • Faster to remove silage and feed your herds


Vs. cast-in-place silo

  • Modular and versatile due to its adjustable and transformable design
  • Easily relocatable after installation (expansion, sale, etc.)

Silo walls

Durability and accuracy

  • Our high-performance concrete mix of 42 MPa (6000 Psi) contains silica fume to improve the impermeability and durability of your installation.
  • The reinforcement in our precast concrete bunker Silo Walls is strategically positioned to maximize reinforcement and long-term durability.

Technical specifications

We offer two models of precast concrete bunker silos to meet your various storage and silage needs. All our models are equipped with a concrete male/female interlock to facilitate installation and increase the durability of your bunker silos.

Typical walls




10 foot model

Shop drawing

12 foot model

Shop drawing

Questions ?

Our team is at your disposal to help you calculate the quantity of bunker walls that you need for your silage as well as give you installation tips.

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