Outdoor classroom : which products to use?

Patio Drummond also manufactures urban furniture for outdoor classrooms. We invite you to take a look at the Organika board and the Ergo 360 bench to create a functional, user-friendly and dynamic outdoor classroom.

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Path stone : which products to use?

To create garden paths, you could use slabs as well as pavers. The Ardesia slab makes an excellent garden step!

Swimming pool surround : which products to use?

Not only will the use of Patio Drummond slabs or pavers add a lot of charm to your landscape, but it will also create a safer surface that could prevent accidental falls. Concrete products also provide a cooler surface for your feet and are more resistant to humidity than wood.

Residential entryway : which products to use?

For a surface on which there will be other than pedestrian traffic (such as a vehicle), we recommend that you use a paver with a minimum thickness of 60 mm.

Even if the slab and the paver are made with the same base (concrete), the slab is often thinner and therefore less resistant to heavy loads. In other words, slabs are mostly used for patios, terraces and path stones. Pavers, on the other hand, can be used for a driveway, under a hot tub, or for areas with frequent traffic.

We invite you to browse through our product sheets:

Interpavé pavers
Urbania 80mm paver

Important: the paver can be used to create a terrace without any problem. But the slab cannot be used to create a residential entrance!

Patio and terraces : which products to use?

Easy: slabs! 😍 Patio Drummond manufactures a wide selection of slabs in many colors to suit all tastes. A concrete slab patio will last for years and years without you having to maintain it. No need to sand, stain and/or paint your wood deck every 2-3 years! You will be able to enjoy your landscaping with peace of mind!

You have a raised wooden deck? Consider the Belvedere concrete structural slab!🤠