Should I seek the assistance of an engineer for the design of a retaining wall?

Yes, especially if the wall is to be more than 1.2 metres (4 feet) high. A professional engineer can provide you with information on the requirements to help you develop your retaining wall design to ensure compliance.

What is the maximum height I can raise my decorative wall and/or retaining wall to?

The maximum height is determined by the product. Please consult the product page of the wall you are interested in!

The elevation of a retaining wall varies according to different criteria: the type of material used, the type of soil, the slope of the wall, the overload elements above the wall and many other factors. Depending on your project, you may need to confirm this with an engineer to ensure that your design is safe and compliant.

What are the differences between a decorative wall and a retaining wall?

Decorative walls are purely aesthetic. Although they have their purpose and are functional, they remain ornamental in your landscape.

The retaining wall must, according to its name and to meet its function, support and contain the earth in front of which it is mounted. It must therefore be able to support the weight and pressure of the soil, even and especially in case of severe weather.

This type of structure requires an adequate foundation as well as an excellent drainage to avoid cracks and collapses under the pressure of water. The installation of a geotextile membrane and a perforated drain, the use of an adequate crushed stone as well as a good compaction are elements that will ensure the durability of your project.

Can I use other blocks than the ones you sell for fireplaces?

We do not recommend the use of products other than Moderno, Urbania, BBQ and Rustico blocks to create fireplaces. The reason is that the concrete in these specific products is designed to withstand the heat longer. In addition, our accessories, such as the fire guard, are designed for safe use of your fireplace and are not compatible with our other concrete products.

Other hardscaping products may suffer from heat shock and crack if they come into direct contact with the flame, which is why we do not recommend them for building a fireplace.

The fireguards don't have handles, is it normal?

This is perfectly normal.

While many find this inconvenient, we believe it is safer this way. If there were handles on the fire guard, many would be tempted to use them to open the fire guard to add wood to the fireplace. We recommend that you use a commercial poker to open both sides of the fire guard. Simply insert the tip of the poker into one of the holes in the fire guard to open it – but be careful!

What is the difference between the black painted steel fireguard and the stainless fireguard?

Besides the price, the difference is that the stainless steel fire guard will not rust. Black painted steel, over time, may require more maintenance! That’s why we recommend, when possible, storing your fire guard indoors or covering it with a tarp for the winter!

How to assemble your fireplaces?

The assembly of our fireplaces is SUPER simple and most of them take only a few minutes to assemble (well, let’s say less than an hour TOP!)

Our fireplaces :

What are the benefits of using concrete products?

Concrete products bring a lot of flexibility to a landscaping project. They are ready to be installed as soon as you take possession of them and are designed to withstand the freezing and/or thawing periods typical of the harsh Canadian climate.

Patio Drummond offers a wide range of products in four distinct categories:

How can I find out the price of the product I'm interested in?

For hardscaping products, we invite you to consult the Where to buy section of our Web site to find the retailer nearest you.

Prices and product availability may vary depending on the retailer.

For urban furniture, precast concrete or agricultural products, please contact us at [email protected].

Where can I buy Patio Drummond products?

For landscaping products, please visit the Where to Buy section of our website!
For all other products (outdoor furniture, precast concrete and agricultural), please contact us at [email protected]!