Classical and always in style, the retro look of the Wavy curb lends itself to all of your hardscape ideas. Easy to install and always practical, it precisely  efines the contours of your trees and shrubs, your flower beds and your garden. An interlocking key (male and female at opposite ends) make for a strong and stable finish to your hardscape.

Dimensions and colours



ONDUGWavygrey150 × 51 × 5086 × 2 × 2017 lbs

Pallet overview

Unit specifications 
Dimension (mm)150 × 51 × 508
Dimension (inches)6 × 2 × 20
Weight17 lb / 8 kg
Pallet specifications  
Number of units128
Coverage per pallet213.3 ft2 65.01 m2
Coverage per row53.33 ft2 16.25 m2
Weight2176 lbs987 kg
Quantity / row per pallet32
Number of row4
Pallet dimensions36" × 40"
Product positioningvertical

Installation patterns

en rang droit

Pallet top view