Slats: Beef

Whether for beef or dairy, our slats are perfectly adapted for the daily conditions in stables. Our expertise allows us to supply slats for every part of the stable, from flow areas to where your robots are located. Moreover, for orders greater than 10,000 ft2, we offer tailor-made risers for the stall areas, free of charge.

All of our beef slats come with a non-slip and highly resistant surface made from a 50 Mpa (7,250 psi) concrete mix that is guaranteed for 8 years.

For dairy cows (jersey breed), we have a new model with rectangular openings that offers a sufficiently aired surface to maintain the animals in a clean environment all the while offering superior comfort for their hoofs.

Standard dimensions


48’’ to 156’’ to the nearest foot (or tailor-made)


24’’ to 48’’ to the nearest foot (or tailor-made)




Non-slip concrete, with or without openings