In order to reduce the costs associated with new constructions and to obtain a more aesthetic finish, Patio Drummond designs and manufactures an array of precast concrete steps.

All our products are made with a concrete that is at least 5 076 Psi (35 MPa) in compressive strength with Canadian grade reinforcement bars in order to resist our harsh climate conditions and to meet all the current construction standards. Our engineering team can supply you with plans adapted to your projects or we can work directly with your already approved plans.

Our precast steps fit well with all types of architectural styles and are suited for both new construction and renovations. We deliver and personally install all the steps that we make in order to give you a durable high-quality finished products.

How to select your precast concrete steps

Select the model that best suit your needs and tastes.
(All our models have the same durability with an anti-slip finish.)

Choose the width of your steps

Choose the depth of your landing.
(The measure is taken from the back of the landing to the riser. Does not include the bull nose.)

Choose the amount of risers you need based on your door location
(add 7 1/4” height for each additional riser)


Our precast steps fit perfectly with all types of architecture and are suitable for both new construction and renovations. We deliver and install all of the steps we manufacture to ensure a durable and quality product.