Moderno Fireplace

The modern and clean appeal of the Moderno wall is now extended to the Moderno Fire Pit to offer an inviting setting for you and your family. The Moderno Fire Pit is easily installed in a few minutes and can accommodate wood burning, natural gas or propane-fueled fires. This kit includes 24 Moderno walls and a fire-resistant steel insert. The Moderno multi-use block is the ideal piece. You can use it as a decorative wall, as a border and to build a modern fireplace.

The Moderno multi-use block is an all-around wonder. You can use it to create a decorative wall, a curb or build a modern fire pit.

Dimensions and colours




two tone
sand charcoal


two tone
grey charcoal

You also have a complete choice of accessories to take greater advantage of your Patio Drummond fireplace.
Easy installation. No tools required.





Fireguard for Moderno / Urbania


The fireguard has been designed to be used with both Moderno and Urbania walls. It is the perfect accessory to create a modern and safe firepit. The fireguard covers 100% of the open flame: it is approved by the majority of firefighter services across the country. The fireguard is available in both black steel and stainless steel.

Cooking grill


The stainless steel cooking grill has been designed to fit on the Moderno and Urbania firepits. Its simple and robust design makes it the ideal accessory for your BBQing days. The ideal grill dimension allows you to cook a large amount of food while leaving the other half of the fire available to add more embers.


MODEMCModerno wallcharcoal102 × 152 × 4574 × 6 × 1834 lbs
MODEMCSModerno walltwo tone sand charcoal102 × 152 × 4574 × 6 × 1834 lbs
MODEMGCModerno walltwo tone grey charcoal102 × 152 × 4574 × 6 × 1834 lbs
Unit specifications 
Dimension (mm)102 × 152 × 457
Dimension (inches)4 × 6 × 18
Weight34 lbs / 15 kg
Pallet specifications
Number of units90
Coverage per pallet68 ft2 6.3 m2
Coverage per row13.6 ft2 1.3 m2
Weight3060 lbs1388 kg
Quantity / row per pallet18
Number of row5
Pallet dimensions40" × 40"
Product positioningvertical

Installation patterns


Pallet top view

Accessories specs

PAREMOFireguard Modernoblack152 × 864 × 8646 × 34 × 3450 lb / 23 kg
PAREMOSTFireguard Moderno - inoxinox152 × 864 × 8646 × 34 × 3450 lb / 23 kg
GRILLECooking grill (4 hooks)black610 diameter cut to 33724 diameter cut to 13 1/43,5 lbs / 2 kg

Accessories cubing

Dimension (mm)152 × 864 × 864152 × 864 × 864610 diametre cut to 337
Dimension (inches)6 × 34 × 346 × 34 × 3424 diametre cut to 13 1/4
Weight50 lb / 23 kg50 lb / 23 kg3.5 lb / 2 kg
Quantity / row per pallet221
Number of row22
Product positioninghorizontalhorizontal

Mounting pattern

24 blocks