In order to reduce the costs associated with new constructions and to obtain a more aesthetic finish, Patio Drummond designs and manufactures an array of precast concrete balconies.

Say goodbye to your old patio made of treated wood and install a precast concrete slab that requires no maintenance, is aesthetic and long-lasting, and will not cost you more.






All our products are made with a concrete that is at least 5 076 Psi (35 MPa) in compressive strength with Canadian grade reinforcement bars in order to resist our harsh climate conditions and to meet all the current construction standards. Our engineering team can supply you with plans adapted to your projects or we can work directly with your already approved plans.

All our balconies are safe and maintenance-free, are finished with a non-slip surface and are fire resistant. For bigger projects, you will appreciate how easily and quickly our precast slabs will be installed. Each slab is equipped with integrated anchors and steel plates in order to facilitate its handling and attachment to the building’s structure. We also supply li ing hooks for all of our products.