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Slabs - Pavers - Retainer Walls - Curbs - Steps - Outdoor Fireplaces


Patio Drummond designs and manufactures a variety of landscaping concrete products such as slabs, pavers, retainer walls, steps, curbs, outdoor fireplaces and more. Discover our wide range of products and create the landscape project you’ve always dreamed of.

Tables - Flower planter - Benches

Outdoor Furniture

Aesthetic, comfortable and long-lasting, our line of concrete exterior furniture is timeless. The complete line has been drawn and designed to be heavy-duty, vandal-proof and maintenance-free. Hundreds of retailers and municipalities have placed their trust in Patio Drummond’s designs to enhance their patios and green space.

Balconies - Steps - Light pole bases - Retainer walls

Precast Concrete

For over 45 years, Patio Drummond has taken advantage of the best concrete technologies available. With our high-tech equipment, we are able to work with all types of concrete to always provide you with a finished product that exceeds your needs. Throughout the years, our engineering team has worked with most cities and municipalities in order to create major projects. See our “Custom-Made” section to see some of our most recent projects.

Hog - Calf - Cow


Un mélange parfait d’ingénierie et d’équipement hautement spécialisé nous permet de manufacturer des produits de qualité supérieure qui vous offre la meilleure valeur de l’industrie.

Durable et actuel

What's new?

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